Dance, experimental sound, visuals.
Padma is the second phase of creation process of Parināma performance. This research adds visuals and new experiments with lights, shadows and different sonic artefacts.
Awarded grant by OSIC (Office of Support to the Cultural Initiative, Department of Culture from Catalan Government ) and Nau Côclea. Project in residence at Nau Côclea, Center for Contemporary creation, Camallera, Catalonia, Spain. April 2011, Work in process exhibition at Nau Côclea.

Created and performed by: Parināma Project (Olga Solà, Zoe Balasch).
Experimental sound and visuals: Olga Solà (voice, tampura, tibetan bowls, mixing board, sound artefacts).
Dance-improvisation: Zoe Balasch.