Project related to the art of walking exploring diferent cities, weathers  and sites. Body actions in the public space open to participatory audience.
Proposals to create awareness of the body and its sensitivities
Improvisation and instant creation in the site

Body/Urban Landscape/Fudo-sei/Dance/Space/Walking art

This project is currently on-going

Walked bodysites Berlin

Walkshops and site-specific performances in Wedding  and Frederichschein neighborhood in Berlin.

Performance Eins Hoch Null
IX-Moss Gallery, August 2015, Berlin, Germany. Musicians: Hui-Chun Lin (Cel.lo) , Peter Kuhnsch (drums) Max Löeb (guitar).Dance: Zoe Balasch
Shot and edited: Mark-r

Walkshops and site-specific performances in Wedding neighborhood, Berlín, 2017


Walked Bodysites Chiang Mai

Improvisation in diferent sites from the city of  Chiang Mai, Thailand 2018