Bodyweather-Training, Yoga and Meditation & Activities in Nature

The classes I offer are invitations to move and explore a new body which may appear at every moment in a safe and trusting learning environment.

I teach different courses regularly with regular classes, as well as occasional and intensive workshops and activities.


Dance  tranining and  instantant creation based on Bodyweather

Yoga and Meditation

Activities in Nature:

Dance Nature

Shirin Yoku- Forest Bath




The physival and performative reasearch Bodyweather comes from Japan. Different proposals of physical training are deployed. We also explore presence and awareness in order to open our physical sensitivity and find a permeable body available for instant creation and improvisation.

What do we do in a session of dance and instant creation based on Bodyweather training?

This training has two parts. In the first part we practise MB (Muscles and Bones), intense physical training through some movement guidelines and sequences to work flexibility, body coordination in space, segmentation of the different body parts, resistance and rhythm.

In the second part, we work from different proposals related to the senses, such as Bisoku, or contact exercies to research qualities and textures of movements with the use of images, words, music and silence, which lead to instant creation and improvisation.

This training ends with manipulation and massage.

It is open to different levels of experience in body work, movement, dance and also to people who want to get started.

Tuesdays  18.15h-19.45h, Igualada, L’oMa.


Asana, pranayama, mantra yoga and meditation

In the philosophy of Yoga,  Hatha practice is traditionally holistic and consists of body postures combined  with breathing exercises, purification and meditation which help balance body and mind.

With the practice of Hatha Yoga each person learns to balance mind, body and energy through breathing work (prāṇāyāma)  and meditation practice (dhyāna)  which complements the physical body movements (āsana).

Our yoga practice is at the disposal of the specific needs of each person. During the session, we combine body work with breathing and energy exercises, as well as meditation techniques and the singing of mantras.

We learn a set of ancestral techniques with more than 3,000 years of history and which they adapt to the reality of our current society. They are very useful tools which work in an integral way all aspects of a person, at a physical, energetic, psychic, emotional and spiritual level.

With regular and continued yoga practice, we improve our mood and general well-being providing us with physical and phsycophysical benefits which allow us to be available in the present.

Yoga is for everyone. It contributes to improve our integral development and with continued practice it becomes a path for self-awareness and personal fullfillment. For people with injuries, yoga is a complementary therapy.

Wedenesdays 15.20-16.30h , Vilanova del Camí, L’Holístic

Fridays 15.15-16.30h, Igualada, Centre Vincles

Fridays 17.30-18.45h, Vilanova del Camí, L’Holístic

Activities in nature: Dance Nature, Shirin Youku Forest Baths



DanceNatureDance is an outdoors proposal focused on body and sensory openness. Dancing with the different qualities of nature will develop all our creative potential.

We relate to elements in nature in order to harmonise different internal aspects which connect to the environment. When we connect with our physical vibration and we echo with our own environment, we can explore and discover our own dance. The improvised and organic movement appears, free from learnt patterns or established coreographies.

In a space of improvisation, exploration and freedom we play and experience with the infinite possibilities of the body in movement, dancing with nature and allowing nature to dance within.

Open to everyone interested in explorig and training the relationship between body, nature and landscape, and in discovering the poetics of places.



Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese expression which translates as Forest Bath. This practice comes from Japan, and currently there are different pedagogical lines to follow.

A Forest Bath is a walk through an itinerary disigned in the forest in order to reconnect with our natural environment through the senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, etc. It is a guided journey in a forest, quiet and accessible to everyone, and  provides therapeutic benefits. Wellness and health benefits are encouraged, among others thanks to forest aerobiology (fitonicides), slow walking, silence, relaxation, conscious breathing, and a reconnection with our natural environment through all our senses.

This activity, Forest Bath, is guided and it is accompanied of different proposals along the itinerary to make this experience relaxing and anti-stress.

It takes approximately 2 and a half hours to complete.

Recommended to anyone who needs to relax, lower daily stress levels and reconnect with nature.


These activities can be carried out in your school, community centre, or in a dance and/or yoga studio.

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Weekly Classes

Dance training and instant creation based on Bodyweather
Tuesdays, 18.15h-19.45h Igualada , L’oMa

Hatha Yoga and Integral Yoga
Wednesdays 15.20h-16.30h, Vilanova del Camí, L’Holístic

Fridays 15.15h-16.30h, Igualada, Centre Vincles

Fridays 17.30h-18.45, Vilanova del Camí, L’Holístic

Workshops and activities in nature

Ask for me!

These activities can be carried out in your school, community centre, or in a dance and/or yoga studio.