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Artistic creation

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PROJECTS (selection)

I TREE -JOARBRE | Zoe Balasch improvisant dansa amb un arbre View Large
I TREE Dance improvisation with trees at diferents sites with poetry from Perejaume 's book "Pagèsiques".2018 ( ongoing ) I
WALKING BODYSITES PROJECT Project related to the art of walking exploring diferent cities, weathers  and sites. Body actions in the
forest game peformance, festival escletxa art i Natura, Can Serrat, El Bruc View Large
FOREST GAME (dance / performance) in collaboration with Bego Ricart (poetry)  and Mònica Ubach ( live music).  Escletxa Festival :
View Large
BACKWARDS Dance-performance. March 2108. Premiered at Mid Term Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Art Gallery Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Created and
festival eco-Art, Embodied Sites, Akamas Ciprus View Large
THE METAL AFFAIR Site-specific performance with dance-theatre and video-projections. The Metal Affair it's about the ecological impact of the quarries
WALKING BODYSITES PROJECT Project related to the art of walking exploring diferent cities, weathers  and sites. Body actions in the
Zoe Balasch View Large
PAISATGES DE L'IMAGINARI IMAGINARY LANDSCAPES Dance-performance. Everything is landscape and everything is an scenic space where the poetry of the
performance galeria d'art palmadotze, Penedès View Large
PAISATGE.0 LANDSCAPE.0 Site-specific dance-performance. New perspectives and experiences of contemporary landscapes. A chance to approach the environment from a perspective
geografies emocionals videodansa, Centre de Recerca i Creació Casamarlés View Large
GEOGRAFIES EMOCIONALS EMOTIONAL GEOGRAPHIES Video-dance. A video that creates bonds between artistic, geographical, aesthetic and territorial perspectives. The main aim
EXPERIÈNCIES DE PAISATGE LANDSCAPE EXPERIENCES Dance-performance and live music. Choreography in the middle of vineyards landscape. Dance and live music
microclimate View Large
MICROCLIMA - ACCIONS EN EL PAISATGE MICROCLIMATE - ACTIONS IN THE LANDSCAPE Video-dance. Different actions in different environments without a
nau now View Large
NAU NOW Dance-performance and live music. Nau Now is the result of experimentation and improvisation on sound and movement patterns,
parinama View Large
PARINÃMA Dance-performance, experimental sound and voice. Inspired by the book “Introduction to the Vedas” from Raimon Panikkar. Pariṇāma is an

Artistic creation and collaborative practices

Art as a source of expression, communication, vindication and transformation

I have participated  in A.I.R projects and I  received several scholarships of support to creation (OSIC,Catalan Council Arts , Institut Ramon Llull, Eco-Art Incubator). My works have been presented in national and international festivals, art galleries, centers of creation, universities, and in unconventional exhibiting circuits:

Embodied Sites (Cyprus), NU-DANCE Fest (Slovakia), Urban Emptiness (Cyprus), Festival Pedra Viva  (Menorca), Dansa També! PLAY, (Catalonia), Escletxa, Art i Natura, (Catalonia), Simbiòtic (Catalonia). Art Galleries: Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Galeria d’Art PALMADOTZE, (Catalonia), IX-Moss Gallery, (Berlin). Centres of creation: CACIS, Centre d’Art i Sostenibilitat/Centre of Art and Sustainability(Catalonia), Nau Côclea (Catalonia), el Konvent (Catalonia), among others.

Since 2004 I have been working as an scenic creator and as an interpret. I’m interested in collaborative practices and I have worked in co-creations and in in collaboration with artists of different disciplines:  Jordi Mas, Antoine Berthiaume, Sara Pons, Claire Le Clezzio, Isabel Andrés, Hui-Chun Lin, Peter Kuhnsh, Sasha Agranov, among others.

My claim is art for art’s sake instead of art as a tool or means

Research and Support to Creation

Cultural Management and Spaces of Artistic Creation


My commitment and passion for art and the creation and research practice involved, have led me to offer my knowledge and artistic experience to different goups. I have also accompanied the processes of creation in artists residencies through my work in CeRCCa, Centre of Research and Creation Casamarlés where I lived and worked as a coordinator of A.I.R projects for 4 years. At present, I am still involved in the project  Transitory Landcape Lab.

I believe in the potential of art and the creative processes for personal and collective transformation.


Do you need support to creation or artistic research?  Ask for me!

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