The Perspective

Asian influence in expressivity of the body

My perspective of the body and of dance is influenced by oriental thought and its body practices, most of them coming from Asia: Japan and India.

Japanese influences

After learning about Bodyweather, I continued studying for over 12 years with Andrés Corchero, Hisako Horikawa, Carme Torrent, Frank Van de Ven, Juschka Weigel, Sherwood Chen, Christine Quoiraud, Constanza Brncic, among otrhes.

I also widened my research learning about Butoh dance with Masaki Iwana and Moeno Wakamatsu, in Maison du Butoh Blanc in France, with Anita Saj in Nordic School of Butoh, Denmark, and with Rhizome Lee in Himalaya Butoh School, in India.

The body research Bodyweather is the motor from which I develop my artistic, practical and theoretical research while carrying on with my daily life. At  the same time, I research the Seitai culture through the practice of Katsugen Undo and Yuki studying with Katsumi Mamine in Fundació Seitai Barcelona and with Núria Padrós in Estudi Seitai, in Barcelona. I add Thai Yoga Massage from Thailand, looking for points of connection and new forms in relation to the manipulations being appied in Bodyweather. It is for this reason that in 2018 I travel to Thailand and I study Thai Yoga Massage in ITM, Internacional Thai Massage, and in the NGO Thai Massage School.

Indian influences

Some years after graduating in Psychology in the UAB, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona,   I continued studying diferent styles of dance , and I introduced yoga practice and meditation in my daily life. Yoga and meditation help me in a complex period of my personal life, and in a way of thanking everything they provided me with, I decide training as a Hatha yoga teacher. I study with Miquel Gabarró and I qualify in the Spanish Association of Yoga Practitioners (AEPY).

In 2008 I travel to the north of India encouraged by my studies in yoga, meditation and dance. I spend some months studying Butoh dance with a Japanese teacher, Rhizome Lee, who has been living over more than twenty years in the Himalayan mountains. I also study the old texts related to the philosophy of yoga, practising and meditating in Ashram Yoga Niketan in Rishikesh, linked to the teachings of Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramhamsa.

Some years later, around 2011 I become involved in the singing of mantras and the cosmology of sound. As a result, I study Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound with Quim Altés, Surinder Singh and Mark Dyczkowski. In order to understand Hinduism better and deeper as well as the Darśana, the philosophical systems in India, I study Sanskrit in Barcelona University with Dra. Ma. Elena Sierra for a couple of years.

In 2015 I move to Berlin, and during my time there I develop different projects related to the body and the urban landscape, being so fortunate as to receive the teachings in yoga of sound, voice and singing by Amelia Cuni.

As a result of this journey, my training in dance and body languages is a little eclectic with the intention of deepening in several techniques and perspectives.


Body and Movement

Since 2008 I have been teaching adopting different formats: regular classes, workshops, seminars in yoga and meditation as well as dance.

I have taught in dance seminars in different universities: UAB, Universitat Autònoma  de Barcelona, UPC, Universitat Politècnica and CMA,  Chiang Mai University. And I also have given classes in health centres, sports centres and art centres in Catalonia, Menorca and Berlin.

For seven years I collaborated in multidisciplinary teams working with osteopaths, physiotherapists and acupunturists. This experience gave me the opportunity to expand my perspective in relation to the functional anatomy of the body and movement.

bio zoe balasch

Scenic Creation and Artistic Support

Since 2006 I have been working as an scenic creator, as an interpret and also in collaboration with other artists, as well as working in co-creations with artists of different disciplines: Jordi Mas, Antoine Berthiaume, Sara Pons, Claire Le Clezzio, Isabel Andrés, Hui-Chun Lin, Peter Kuhnsh,  Sasha Agranov, among others.

I have received several scholarships of support to creation (OSIC, Institut Ramon Llull, Eco-Art Incubator). My works have been presented in national and international festivals, art galleries, centres of creation, and in another exhibiting circuits.

Cultural Management and

Spaces of Artistic Creation

I combine teaching with artistic creation working in different artistic groups and adopting several roles, either in the actual creation or in production or reasearch. My commitment and passion for art and the creation and research practice involved, have led me to offer my knowledge and artistic experience to different goups. I have also accompanied the processes of creation in artists residencies through my work in CeRCCa, Centre of Research and Creation Casamarlés where I lived and worked as a coordinator for 4 years.At present, I am still involved in the project Transitory Landcape Laboratory.

Nature and Landscape as a source of inspiration

 My passion for nature has led me to develop different projects related to body and landscape, art and land, or in relation to Eco-Art. I also develop workshops and activities outdoors. Recently, I received certification as a guide in Therapeutic Forests by Girona University and Selvans Association.

…Up to now

 I work on  projects in artistic creation or as a researcher with the body as a backbone. When I am asked, I help people who feel physically stagnant or too tense to work with their body (through dance, yoga or Thai yoga massage) in order to facilitate the discovery of their body sensitivity. The several activities I carry out overlap and feed each other back. I help people to discover and express themselves through the most suitable resourses, being either dance, yoga, sound, meditation or a combination of all of them.

 “I consider our body a means of artistic creation and political action”