The perspective

Zoe Balasch yogaI study the tradition of yoga, to know and understand its philosophy, its different approaches and branches, and its roots. As I go deeper into it, I am more aware of the immensity represented by the ancestral knowledge that surrounds yoga, which, in some way, is presented as unattainable in its entirety. This is why my intent is to be faithful to this knowledge from my lived experience, with a humble approach and without pretensions. The study of ancient texts and everyday practice along with inspiration makes me able to provide the experience of yoga in contemporary western contexts. Regarding to my pedagogical line style, and thanks to the path travelled in the dance and the arts of the movement, what defines me is my intent to create spaces of body availability. Besides, experience and knowledge acquired influence my yoga classes with the aim to overcome the current aesthetic images in relation to the corporality, especially created in the Western cultures and in the feminine world. It seems to me fundamental that sequences of body proposals are not repeated constantly and we open space to the art of listening and silence. It is about converting the yoga class into an excuse to facilitate the experience of being present, beyond the mat and the class itself.


I have graduated in Psychology, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where I have also studied dance-therapy. At the same time, I trained, for more than 12 years, in dance but also in different body approaches and movement techniques in different schools and independent education centres of Spain, Catalonia, Denmark, France and India. In 2005 I got to know yoga for the first time and since then I consider myself a continuous student and practitioner of this ancestral discipline. I initially incorporated the practice of yoga and meditation to my regular dance practice but progressively it became part of my daily life. Since then yoga has been taking more and more space in my life. I did the training of Hatha yoga teacher (500h) with AEPY (Spanish Association of Yoga Practitioners) and carried out the European Accreditation of the yoga degree approved by the Catalan government. In 2008, I travelled to India to study yoga philosophy and its practice. Later inspired by the power of sound vibration, music, singing and Veda cosmology, I got trained in Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, for several years with Quim Altés, Surinder Singh and Mark Szwedisnki, in Barcelona and with Amelia Cuni in Berlin. My interest for mantras and the relation of language and sound leads me to study a basic course of Sanskrit language and literature at the Central University of Barcelona, ​​with Dr. Ma. Elena Sierra. My research took me to Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir, which I have learnt with Eric Baret, his teachings are very present in my daily routine and have revealed itself in a tactile sensitivity. I have taught regular classes and workshops of yoga, dance and meditation since 2006, working in different centres in the field of health, arts and sport in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and in Berlin. For 7 years I have collaborated in health teams where I worked with osteopaths, physiotherapists and acupuncturists. This experience gave me the opportunity to expand my perspective as regards the functional anatomy of the body and movement. Lately I’ve studied Yoga Thai Massage for which I have travelled to Thailand recently during winter 2108 and I studied in Chiang Mai, Nord of Thailand at ITM, International Thai Massage School and ONG’S Thai Massage School and I got the Professional Thai Massage degree.